About CSAV Agency North America

CSAV Agency North America, LLC acts as the exclusive maritime agent for the shipping lines CSAV, Norasia and Libra (which recently merged with Montemar) in the United States and Canada. Our main office is located in Iselin, New Jersey.

CSAV Agency is a wholly owned subsidiary of Compañía Sudamericana de Vapores (CSAV), a Chilean publicly traded shipping company, presently the largest in Latin America. Founded in 1872, CSAV is one of the oldest shipping companies in the world. The corporate headquarters is located in Valparaiso, Chile.

Operating across five continents, CSAV offers regular services, permanent sailings from many ports, fixed itineraries and suitable vessels able to convey a large number of containers and a wide variety of conventional cargo. CSAV owns vessels specially designed for frozen cargo, cars, bulk cargo and forest products. We also offer other complementary operations such as storage, pier services and intermodal service.

CSAV Agency North America strives to attain and maintain top quality service. It is our goal to assist our customers in the improvement of their foreign trade operations. We will achieve this through the offerings of our shipping facilities, technology and services, ensuring the reliable transportation of products to and from all the main areas of the world.

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CSAV Agency North America's new online payment system offers centralized visibility, a payment approval & tracking system, multiple payment options, and 24/7 access. For more details, please contact our accounts Receivable team at 732-635-2365

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Online tool offers visibility of approved Export Bookings and Export Bill of Ladings